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RENTAL HIRE – CYCLO Counter Rotating FINE Polisher USA


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The CYCLO COUNTER ROTATING and OSCILLATING is a fine polish finishing POLISHER of MILITARY GRADE AND DESIGN. Cyclo Polishers are Designed and Engineered in the USA and have been used for Military use since the last 1960’s. They are used for Polish Missile Heads, Weapon Surfaces, Fighter Jet and all manner of high tech surfaces needing a high quality finish.

Commercially, the CYCLO polisher is used for Aeronautical, Marine and High End Paint, Gel Coat and Acrylic, Polycarbonate Polish Repair and Finishing use.

Cyclo Tool Makers USA Overview VIDEO

The Results are impossible for a single head one direction polisher to achieve

These Polisher units to purchase outright are not a cheap investment for DIY or sporadic residential use. This is why we HIRE and RENT Kits for small to larger restoration jobs.

Allow freight, delivery also.

A Polisher KIT will come with 2 Foam 4 inch (100mm diameter) Soft Polish Pads

You do Not need to return the pads upon completion

Over 12 years in filed trial and testing has singled out the best Polisher available for the following reasons.

1: Average Hours of sound reliable operation on a quality well balance armature

2: Initial Buy Cost v Operational Use and reliability

3: No slipping clutch, or mechanism failures like other polishers

4: Low cost polishers, or ‘In-House Brand’ have all proven to be totally inept for our needs. Regardless of replacement warranties and all other promises, the convenience of a workable solid and proven Make, Model is worth having and using in field

5: Ease of service support if and when required

RENTAL HIRE RATE is for 5 WORKING DAYS (One calendar week – Monday to Monday)


Any damage incurred will be the responsibility of the Hire client. – Do not get water into machine. – Add freight delivery at check out. – If the actual delivery cost is higher then we will send and charge you the excess at time of dispatch. – We rent into New Zealand ONLY. – We time Rental Hire period from actual dispatch date (allowing for 3 WORKING WEEK days to get the Kit to client on average). Thereby the usability days are around 2, including RETURN BACK to WATER STAIN DOCTOR HEAD OFFICE

It is the customers responsibility to return the Polisher Kit ) Less pads, and or Paste in time their own time frame. – Each rental period will roll over and be invoiced as per terms above.

These rental Polisher Kits *** do NOT come with Full IP Restore Paste ***. You will need to purchase the bottle size and volume necessary for your particular job size and scope

User instructions and advisory techniques are downloadable as PDF documents here

Reach out to us via PHONE call or other slower means as needed. We are here to help

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