Sparkling, Stain-Free

Say Goodbye to Water-Stained Windows

The Water Stain Doctor™ Commercial Glass Restorers

The Water Stain Doctor™ has helped remove water stains and water spots from exterior windows in commercial buildings across Australia and overseas.

Some of the worst-affected windows we restore are windows facing into the sun during the hottest part of the day; the sun bakes on hard water stains and spotting caused by ‘acid rain’, lime, calcium and render run-off from building materials

Shower Glass

Customer Feedback

"Purchased the Full Strength DIY glass restore pack to remove water staining from my glass shower door, and exterior house windows. It was so easy to use, and I couldn't believe the results! Thank goodness there’s a product that is easy to use and effective. No more scrubbing and frustration. Highly recommended."
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