NanoCoat & NanoGel:
The Power of NanoTechnology!

NanoCoat™ Restores & Protects

Engineered in Germany and exclusive to The Water Stain Doctor™, NanoCoat™ utilises nanotechnology to repel minerals, dirt and rain - protecting glass from buildup which causes hard water mineral stains and water spots. The NanoCoat™ system and buffing method is the industry-leading glass protection, anti-stain and easy-clean coating method. It is long-lasting and not silicone or wax based.

NanoCoat™ Warranties

When applied by The Water Stain Doctor™ Licensed Technician, NanoCoat™has an impressive 4 Year Warranty for new glass, 2 Year Warranty on restored glass. Or you can buy the *DIY NanoCoat™ Restore & Protect Kit online if your area is not serviced by one of our Agencies. (*Domestic Grade Spray - not covered by Warranty)

Customer Feedback

"I brought your paste pack, and followed your website DIY Video. All I can say is WOW! Thanks… you saved me from buying a new shower!!"
Paul Adams

NanoGel™ Glass Maintenace

NanoGel™ extends the length of time a protective coating shields glass from water staining. Can be used on almost any coating - even lower quality silicone and polymer based, cheaper products. NanoGel helps remove water spotting, and in showers, removes body fats and shampoos from glass. It also helps rectify damage caused by using incorrect cleaning products. NanoGel™ is also recommended for use on hotel and motel showers, for home cleaning, marine and commercial bus fleet maintenance.

What is NanoTechnology?

Nanotechnology manipulates atoms and molecules to make materials at nanoscale* and enhance their properties. In relation to The Water Stain Doctor™ products, nanotechnology enhances their reactivity and performance. (*One nanometre is a billionth of a metre!)
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