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125ml GLASS Nano-Coat Commercial GRADE Protection LONG LIFE Shield ** DIY Bottle ONLY with Prep Paste ** MADE in GERMANY


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This Nanotechnology Glass (HIGH COUNT) Marine Protection Product is astonishing.

** THIS IS A BASIC Nanotechnology KIT and comes with 4 ITEMS

1: 50 ml Prep Paste for light soiled glass that is used prior to Nanocoat Being applied.
1: Micro fibre cloth
1: Handling and maintain glass reminder sticker… water proof pvc style
PLUS (APPLICATION Instructions and maintain sheets)
1: 125 mls German Engineered high count MARINE GRADE Nanotechnology!

Its easy to apply, (watch the full preparation and application video) HERE:

…. and has one of the best performance results for long term easy clean than anything on the market currently.

BUY NOW at SHOP. Remember to buy the DE-stain paste to clean your water stained GLASS back also if needed! 125 mls covers approx 12 square metre

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