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500ml NanoGel BONUS Wipe KIT (Protected or Treated GLASS only) RE-Boost Maintain a Coatings LIFE **COMMERCIAL SIZE** Bus – Train – Truck – Marine Glass


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This Gel Wipe has been engineered and designed for maintenance and upkeep of a Protected Glass Surface. Its also extends the life of a coating, and allows a warrantable coating (The coatings WE APPLY as The Water Stain Doctor only) to reach and exceed the warranty time frames (In most cases)
Use NanoGel AFTER an initial 12-18 months
Follow packaged instructions carefully
3-5 mls per application
MSDS available, no active ingredients
Extend the life of your Protected Glass (regardless of the Manufacturer, Supplier or Quality)
500ml = 5-/+ YEAR supply Commercial Use HOTEL, MOTEL, LODGE, BUS windows, Boat Glass and ANY GLASS THAT HAS BEEN COATED AND OR TREATED BEFORE etc…

“Our OWN Re-boost and rejuvenate Gel. Especially good where you have used the wrong maintenance procedures, or damaged your Glass Coatings”

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