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6 (155mm) Inch HEAVY DUTY WHITE Glass Scrub Pad (**4 PAD PACK**) (Use with Polisher) Our stiffer MORE Aggressive and Pool Glass PAD


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Product Details
This is the 6 inch Pad we use ourselves on a commercial polisher.

(155mm diameter)

The WHITE 6 inch Pad is the softest of our Scrub Pads. It allows for a slower, but more aggressive INTERIOR Shower Glass Restore.
You can see us using this pad in our online videos. Best to use these with our full IP Glass restore paste.
Perfect for Exterior also (Not darkened tinted glass) Use our Yellow Pad for those!

**Use on TOUGHENED AND HARDENED Automotive – Marine – Pool GLASS ONLY – Unless the REGION YOU ARE Restoring is NOT contacted by direct sunlight! This is our GO TO PAD for severe Mineral water spotting on Showers – Some you can’t even see thru when we begin
BOTH side can be utilized, and the Pad is made to attach to a Velcro surface

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