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DIGITAL – Secure Access Operations Manual IP Transfer – ** Digital Downloadable direct to purchaser for Water Stain Doctor set-up Systems and tech** NO Travel – WORLD WIDE – Small Business System


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This is the perfect Option for a current business owner operator simply needing the transfer of Knowledge ONLY.

Congratulations taking the step to grow you very own Water Stain Doctor Business.
** ONCE Purchased, you will receive an exclusive USE ONCE a SECURE LINK and Down Load Key. You then need to DOWNLOAD the SMALL BUSINESS system FILES TO YOUR OWN pc
The Files you will find in this SMALL Business Start UP Digital Folder, as well as the associated OPERATIONS MANUAL
are the result of many years of trials, test, mistakes, errors and sometimes costly learnings by US, so YOU do not have to!
By referring to the recommendations and technical guidance in this data share, as well as the huge volume of support material,
you will save yourself thousands ($$) of otherwise wasted ill-informed spending dollars, while at the same time escalating your growth far quicker than we did!
You have joined dozens of other small region operators all ove the world offering this proven system to your own clients,
whether a ‘Stand-Alone’ service or an addition to a current service business!
1: Some content in your Operations Manual will be relevant, as the system is NO Longer a FULL Franchise Model.
2: The Pads and Paste consumables can easily be ordered via the online WEB SHOP, by using your own Wholesale DISCOUNT CODE SHOWN BELOW.
2a: We send Wholesale Orders all over the world, and it is a low cost system for you to operate, so save yourself the stress and costs of
trying to find a substitute or trying to re-invent your own by reverse engineering or short cutting. It really will not be viable!
3: The Water Stain Doctor brand and digital IP can be used by you in anyway you wish. Please do NOT Alter the Water Stain Doctor LOGO
or Brand identity though. It has exceptional sound Global Brand awareness now, and from thousands of dollars spent on Google Branding over the years,
YOU can leverage our investment for your own gains.
4: Feel free to use our IP in your own business. When YOU ARE successful, we sell product. This is what WE are here for!
Simply enter this code whenever you need consumables like FULL IP Paste or PADS.

* We track discount and code use, and any orders by anyone other than yourself using this code will see your code being de-activated

All the very best,
I am here, at anytime you should need me. In a week, month, year or three years!
Kindest Regards,
Philip G Andrew
Founding Inventor and IP ownership
New Zealand +64 21799922
phil@thewaterstaindoctor.co.nz (New Zealand)
phil@thewaterstaindoctor.com.au (Australia)
phil@thewaterstaindoctor.co.uk (Britain and Europe)
phil@thewaterstaindoctor.com (United States and Canada)
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