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SMALL BUSINESS – SENT Globally – (Non Agency) BOLT ONTO your current cleaning business – PERFECT START-UP at our lowest price


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Our AGENCY (LIMITED LICENSE) pack and business start up comes with:

The perfect trial test and diversify PACK. This is NOT a full blown Agency, nor is it a supported region.
Simply an add-on to what you maybe currently doing now.
(To ANY Global purchaser) *must be outside a current Licensed region.
We will send you:
* AN Operations and Technique Manual (All our tricks, shortcuts and guidance from over 10 years experience)
* 3 Core FULL IP Pastes (1500ml)
* 4 Full On sell Client sample Packs (we sell well over 1000 of these per annum)
* 2 of our Exclusive Honey Comb (Synthetic Yellow) Polish Pads
* 4 Blue Ice and 4 White Surface restore Pads
* 2 small maintain Pastes
* 2 250ml NanoGel Re-Boost Kits for Coated Glass Reboost up-keep
* USB Videos to help you self-train and understand the systems, without having to make the same costly errors and mistakes we make over the early years – USE THE WATER STAIN DOCTOR Branding in your own marketing
** The Perfect LOW COST discounted Start UP KIT for a business wanting to add this service to their offerings.

** Proven and results driven MARKET LEADING brand system – Proven Profitable exclusive system

** NO Regional Barriers to Operation

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