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Training and Induction including Operations Manual and IP Transfer – ** 3 Hours ( CAPPED ) On site at Location of Customer (Buyers) Choice ** Travel and From and accom is additional as required


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This is the perfect Option for a current business owner operator simply needing the transfer of Knowledge ONLY.

The decision on what products and consumables can be made AFTER Training, Induction SPECIFIC to that particular Owner Operators business model and location!

Training Includes the following

(Does NOT include supply of product or consumables in this option)

1: – Operational Manual and Proceedures IP Transfer – Approximately 70 pages

2: – USB Digital Stick with vast amounts of Digital IP, marketing material, audio IP, stationary and more

3: – 2 Hours of One On One (Maximum of 2 People) at location of purchasers choice. This can be anywhere Globally with pre-planning. * Travel to and from requested destination for the Water Stain Doctor Training Person is additional (Obvious)

On site Induction and IP Transfer will include going over the Operational Proceedures and Recommendations Manual (1 hour). And 1 Hour Onsite, On location using recommended techniques, and consumable selection to obtain required results

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