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Onsite Demo, Assessment & Quote

Just call us TOLL FREE: 0800 744 784 (New Zealand) OR Free 1800 738893 (Australia) or email us, or contact your nearest Agency.

The locally based Technicians are mostly all independent operators, and are not employed by us. They do however utilize the Water Stain Doctor propriety system. All contract work is agreed between the particular technician and the customer

Please provide your contact details. If you are within 40km of one of our Licensed Technicians, then the assessment (demo and Quote included) will generally be FREE. If you are not, we can arrange your assessment and Quote for the next time we are in your area.

We can service most of New Zealand and 60% of Larger Australian population centres. We are the ONLY specialist glass restorer company that does!

Globally, driven professional entrepreneurs are highly recommended to buy a small business add-on start up kit. This system works, and there is a limitless scope for growth all over the globe. An every increasing human p[population, equates to worsening water standards, and we have seen the increase in water staining across all sectors even these last 12 years!

Business will never dry up!

This question is like “how long is a piece of string”, however, The Water Stain Doctor service ON AVERAGE—SIGHT UNSEEN (NOT a Quote) is generally. 

* Add any travel mileage IF applicable. You will deal directly with your regional Technician.

* Allow for some excess charges if your shower glass restore is severely water stained!


A: Standard 2-3 panel Glass Shower Cubicle – Restore Clean back de-stain $294 + gst (tax)

– Nanocoat easy clean Protection WITH a FREE 250ml NanoGel KIT $345 +gst (tax)

NOTES – 2 Showers on one property attracts a discount, and 3 or more showers on one property a higher discount.

Multiple shower restores (5 or greater) on a commercial property, and or accommodation provider will see us quote a special rate.

The best way is to Call real time,

 *Skype – pgatofly,

**FB Messenger – Phil.Andrew.WSD.OPS

or use WhatsApp – Phil Andrew NZ

in real-time, and of course e-mail.

We are very happy to answer your calls Monday to Friday 9am – 6pm. (NZ Time is +12 Hours GMT).

*** New Zealand Callers – 0800 744784 – FREE

*** Australian Callers (AUST EST – +10hrs GMT) 10am to 4pm

1800 738893 – FREE

Or email the CEO – phil@thewaterstaindoctor.co.nz

Water Stain Doctor is Closed weekends, and Over the Christmas Holiday Period from around December 22nd thru to around Jan 15th

Our Restore and NanoGel Paste and Products WORK. We are proof of that, along with dozens of current Water Stain Doctor small Business Operators, and hundreds of DIY and commercial users! 

IF by some chance you can NOT obtain the result you wanted, and you have carefully and patiently taken the time to review the Online support Videos, AND read the user instructions properly, then we are more than happy to give you a full refund (Less the post freight portion)

The Kit, or Purchase items must be returned to us, along with your full details, and either an account number , or your original credit card order information.

We can credit the sale back onto the card, or bank account of choice.

We do not refund for orders not received. When we dispatch orders we do so by taking a photo of ALL orders being processed internationally as proof of dispatch, and or a Track Trace reference if paid for!

Orders that have ‘gone missing’ MAY be replaced by us, but you as the client MUST pay for an upgraded Track Trace Signature delivery as we MAY provide a replacement item at our cost!

Buying Online with The Water Stain Doctor™

You can select the Commercial section of our secure web shop. Here you will find the larger bottle and commercial pad packages. Water Stain Doctor has a number of exclusive regional Franchises (Globally 99.8% of international customers can purchase our Paste and Packs freely without hindrance).

Larger BULK wholesale is also supplied ongoing to anyone who initially purchases a Small Business Add On Kit. Water stain Doctor currently has around 60 independent Non Franchised small business add-on users around the Globe!

Orders are normally dispatched 1-2 working days from order placement and payment date. 

Orders are tracked door to door (Within New Zealand) and you will be emailed confirmation Track and Trace details on the day your order is dispatched.

Overseas orders can take up to 6-8 working days NON Tracked, Unless you specify and Pay for a Tracked Service at time of purchase

Please allow between 3-5 working days for guaranteed delivery (New Zealand) and 6-8 WORK days for most international orders as Non Tracked and remote/isolated addresses and destinations.

If your country or destination has a sub standard or less than secure postal system, we highly recommend paying for a TRACKED courier service for larger orders. Tracked Courier options can be selected at purchase point!

Setting up as a Small Business Water Stain Doctor Technician in my own region

YES, you can do this easily. Simply go to our online secure shop thru the web site, select the Biz kits section and select the small or larger Water Stain Doctor Business Add-On Kit. 

These come with all the items, Manuals and USB digital files complete to train, induct and get you operating, anywhere in the world!. We will Post or Track Trace to you anywhere in the world! Get it done. This system is proven and very profitable!

Full information and what comes in each Business kit is available by visiting the specific page on this website!

Glass, Poly-carbonate, Acrylic, Gel Coat and Fibre Glass. Most of our restorations are Shower Glass Panels and Bus, Marine Glass. As a regional small business technician, you are not limited to an area, town, city, state or country,. You can operate anywhere (Other than the two minor Franchised Regions we currently have)
YES, All the restoration Paste, Pads, Powders and Machine fits into a standard tool bag. We have been flying to larger contract jobs for years nationally and Internationally. New Airline security policy and bag checks are strict and carry severe penalties for carriage of dangerous goods. NONE of our standard Restore System is DG. Nanocoat Glass Protection coatings are in an ethanol fluid which can not be carried on a plane in bulk.
YES, you can purchase carton lots of both our 250ml and 500ml Water Stain Doctor Paste, and the Sister Product ex USA called WaterSpot. Please email or ring us for pricing and supply information. We have many on sellers who buy our Paste by the carton, and in large volumes to on sell supply.

About Hard Water Mineral Stains & Water Spots

They’re caused mostly by the five core elements present in every water molecule to a greater or lesser degree: Lime, Silica, Calcium, Copper and Iron. With the right surface preparation, products and methods, they can be removed without using acids, harsh chemicals, abrasives or heavy scrubbing. 

Water Stain Doctor Can restore most glass surfaces back to an acceptable standard, which is WHY we offer the onsite assessment, test demo and quote! Clients generally ARE SKEPTICAL UNTIL THEY SEE THIS WITH THEIR OWN EYES!

NanoTechnology & NanoCoat

Nanotechnology manipulates atoms and molecules to make materials at nanoscale* and enhance their properties. In relation to Water Stain Doctor products, nanotechnology enhances their reactivity and performance. (*One nanometre is a billionth of a metre!)

With dozens of glass ‘protection’ products on the market to choose from, it’s more important than ever for you to do some thorough research BEFORE parting with your hard earned cash! 

DIY products and self application options generally do NOT carry a warranty. Even if they claim a period of warranty, what support will you receive from the product maker when the ‘coating’ fails, turns white or degrades? We see this almost daily, then most people contact us to remove other companies’ failed products; when the customer can’t locate or can’t get help from the initial applicator.

This is the number one most important aspect to retaining your shower glass like new: if silicone is a core ingredient in the product, then it is LOW-end quality – expect a low-end life span. True, high quality nanotechnology-infused products carry a warranty if supported by the applicator, and that’s often a big IF!

The Water Stain Doctor uses German-engineered NanoCoat, which has been proven since 2005, and has a sound Warranty.

For NanoCoat applied by one of our Licensed Technicians, The Water Stain Doctor has a market leading Warranty AND maintenance system. Up to 4 years Warranty for NEW Glass application, 2 years Warranty for a restored Glass application. 

Our DIY products are not covered by a Warranty, as even though we provide easy to follow instructions and an online Support video, we can’t fully control customer preparation, application and maintenance.

For other companies, expect 3 years for a new Glass application, 2 years for a restored Glass application. Make SURE the warranty wording is for the Coating, and not just the ‘life of the glass’! We see this issue regularly – in our experience (we are one of the most experienced companies in our field) a ‘lifetime warranty’ is simply not possible, and yes, these products do break down over time.

Our service and support ethos is unquestionable. We do occasionally re-apply a coating if it has failed to deliver long term benefits to our customer.

Warranty periods differ from company to company. Be warned: there are applicators, and companies peddling services and making promises on the ‘life span’ of their products, that simply CAN’T be justified. Carefully research their knowledge, experience, and time in business, their written Warranty and ongoing support, maintenance, AND make SURE the Warranty covers a call-back, and re-application if and when it fails.

When one of our applicators calls on you to assess, quote, or carry out the Nano-coat application, you will be given a thorough maintenance and product education session. This takes around 10 minutes, and includes providing the written Warranty and Upkeep Maintain Kit.

We have exclusive NANOGEL re-boost and maintenance GEL. This pushes out the lifespan of these coatings significantly. Use each 2-3 months is normally all that is required in between normal cleaning!

Even nanotechnology coatings WILL fail if they are not maintained correctly. The Water Stain Doctor spends a lot of our time removing other companies nano products OFF shower glass because the glass has gone milky or spotty white.

The terms ‘easy clean’ or ‘non stain coatings’ are not that accurate, unless a proven maintenance method is used. DIY products are open to all sorts of issues and problems – one of the core ones is not preparing your glass correctly prior to putting the nano product on.

Use our Exclusive NanoGel. It is proven to extend the life of almost any coating! 

Not in our experience. We use a high quality, proven German-made product. Not a ‘copycat’ product, not a bulk-buy, low grade silicone based liquid, and not a Chinese or Asian-made product. We are very proud of our NanoCoat products. E.g. we put a small sticker on showers once they are coated, so that customers know how to contact us). In our experience, most other ‘competitors’ leave the owner with little or even NO information. You have been warned: use a company that has a sound track record and sound business model.
YES, as long as the stained shower glass is DE-stained and prepared correctly first. If you look at our Video page or search us on YOUTUBE, you will find videos showing you EXACTLY how we do this. Even our competitors turn to our videos for guidance. We know we are the best at what we do, and our NanoCoat system is the most highly-regarded on the market today!

Our NanoCoat comes in two forms. One is the full count (full strength) Commercial grade product, only applied by a Licensed Technician and therefore fully Warranted. The other is the domestic DIY Nano-Coat (with no Warranty).

NB: We can only sell you Nano-Coat if your area is NOT serviced by FULL Franchised Region (currently 99.7% of the world is NOT). Our Marine Grade Nanocoat is engineered and manufactured out of Germany and is a market leading coating product. We have been installing and warranty supporting Nanocoat since 2009. 


The restoration and rejuvenation of mineral stained glass is not always straight forward and there are a few steps you need to be aware of before starting a restore From over 15 years of in-field customer glass restoration for both domestic and larger commercial contracts, I have listed out the obvious and common questions we always get.

There are several pads available (And a myriad of dozens when you include all of the suppliers out there on the market –

** Do not use the wrong Pad on Exterior Glass for example, especially glass that is at a 90 degree angle (or Perpendicular) to the Sun strike at early morning, or early sunset? This will show up any light sheen or over polishing…. It’s a learning curve.

Rule of thumb is always TEST a small area first and cross check in all light and both beginning and end of day as light strike is at a low angle of attack!

Selection of Restore PAD use is extremely important!
In simple terms. Water Stain Doctor utilises THREE Pad Colours. These are

Yellow Synthetic Honeycomb. Blue Ice and Stiff White

  • ALWAYS begin with the lighter GENTLE PAD, and then work from there depending on the severity of the surface you are trying to restore!

YELLOW SYNTHETIC Honeycomb: This pad is primarily used for Automotive, Vehicle and delicate Tinted and or darkened Glass, like that in a high rise building or Bus, Tourist Coach Glass. Tinted Glass By nature is softer and more open to over polish and or ‘sheen’ (IT is our most gentle)

Blue Ice Gentle Restore Pad: This pad is primarily used for Automotive, Vehicle, Marine, Pool, House Windows etc… and the less delicate Tinted and or darkened Glass, Also used on Building Glass that’s not heavily tinted, including Bus and Tour Coach Glass Restorations.

WHITE Stiff Aggressive Restore Pad: This pad is primarily used for Internal pr heavy mineral and water staining . Showers is the core restore use, as well as internal Pools, and Heavy Water Mineral staining. Use these pads with Great Care. They are often the ONLY pad available to get the job done, but don’t go too aggressive when using it!

Our Exclusive 5th Generation Restore Paste is a combination of multiple ingredients. The Recipe of which we will NEVER divulge. Call it The Water Stain Doctors “special Herbs and Spices”. After Tens of thousands of dollars of research, and thousands of hours building the system, we are highly protective over its IP. Just trust us when we say it works, where other products fail. We see this regularly. That’s why we land big contracts and get the restorations done, and to the client’s satisfaction. The MSDS sheets state you do not have to worry about skin contact or splash. It’s a NON DG paste and can safely be transported, even internationally!

By keeping the Paste on pad and glass surface whetted for longer you not only end up with a quicker and better result, but you use LESS paste.

Especially when restoring in sun.. or external hot conditions. I and the others use a small pump spray bottle with water and dish-wash liquid. The dish wash helps with retention of paste and reduces overspray.

Always keep your polisher on a LOW SPEED. Trust me on that. Faster RPM is NOT better, and will spray your restore paste everywhere, making the clean-up take longer!

Aim to restore around 3 square feet with one cap full of paste at a time. ANGLE the polish pad over around 30 degrees to reduce the foot print, but it does differ depending on the severity of the mineral stain and etch. ALWAYS angle the pad slightly. It allows for a massage technique on the glass surface. A 4 square metre 2 panel shower should use no more than 50mls of paste, take around 1 hour, including clean-up!

The Glass surface will ‘feel smooth’ and sometimes even emit a squeak! Also a great time saving technique is to run your index finger thru the whetted paste to cross check a sections restore. That way you save wasting time blading it down only to find there is significant water spot remaining. Good point is to ALWAYS leave a clean up until the very last.

An example of our core business income is a shower cubicle restore. (There are dozens of larger ticket contracts to chase and pursue), but the very core and steady income is still the domestic or commercial accommodation shower cubicles.

By polishing until paste dries and polishes ‘OFF’ you are wasting both time and energy. Once the Paste has dried, it’s no longer usable. Just reapply some more and spray water, dish wash onto both the unclean section, And onto the pad, then start again (if needed).

Make a real effort to watch the online VIDEO’s and learn the base technique BEFORE you go diving in with a power polisher!

By taking the right steps your results will be similar to that of what we trained Technicians achieve, its just about prep and patience to start!

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